History of the Società

March 19, 1950 – The Societa’ Val Trebbia was organized.

June 23, 1950 – The Society was incorporated under the laws of the state of New York with the name Societa’ Val Trebbia Inc. to honor the founders originating from the Val Trebbia Valley located in the Province of Piacenza, Italy.

November 10, 1956 – Due to the request of the members and the Executive Board the name of the Societa’ Val Trebbia Inc. was amended during a special meeting to include the additional words of Val Nure.

February 17, 1957 – The Society became officially known as Societa’ Val Trebbia e Val Nure, Inc.

September 7, 2003 – The 1950 By-Laws of the Society were amended after being read, discussed and unanimously passed at the general membership meeting.

October 1, 2003 – Amended By-Laws took effect.

* The Italian and English Languages are the official languages of the Society.

Founders & Past Presidents

Joe Agioni
John Draghi
Paul Draghi
Giacomo Grilli
John Guerci
Alfred Marina
Louie Marchesi
Alessandro Nessani
Alfredo Pasquali
Ferdinando Russi

Scholarship Program Founders:
Cav. Paul Draghi
Cav. Frank Forlini

Past Presidents:
Joe Agioni
Ferdinando Sursi
Bartolomeo Poggioli
Pietro Poggioli
Piero Zanazzi
Aldo Velati
Gene Bongiorni
George Zavattoni
Fermino Bobbi
Angelo Scagnelli
Cleto Guglielmetti
Paul Guglielmetti
Antonio Mosconi
Hector Morisi